CARDIAC Interventions

With the alarming statistics of the health of our citizens in West Virginia, in addition to the ongoing surveillance of our children and their parents, CARDIAC realizes the critical need to assist in providing interventional strategies to promote change in health knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of our children and their families.

Our goal is to help provide, through collaboration with others, interventions that will facilitate knowledge, positive attitudes, and desired behaviors in children related to health risk factors - particularly physical activity and nutrition.

Some of our interventions, like Take Charge Be Healthy and Active Academics, were developed and implemented by members of the CARDIAC central staff. Others are a direct result of partnerships with well established programs in the community, such as our collaboration with WVU’s Extension Services. We hope that ALL of the intervention programs - whether developed first hand or as a result of a collaborative effort - will foster a statewide environment that motivates CARDIAC Kids, families, and communities to take their own steps toward a healthy lifestyle.

Highlighted Interventions:

WV Physical Activity Plan

Cardiac team members led the development and dissemination of the statewide WVPAP in 2012, and the 2nd edition to be release in January 2016. (Elliott, Jones, Bulger, 2014)

The 2nd WV Physical Activity Symposium

The symposium was held in March 2015 to bring together leaders from across the state representing all population sectors to celebrate successes, modify the plan based on shared experiences, and forecast future directions.

Active Academics - A Web-Based Resource for Teachers

CARDIAC monitors, provides updates and maintenance, and provides technological and content expertise to the nationally recognized website that currently has approximately 4000 registered users. CARDIAC Area Coordinators promote Active Academics by distributing promotional materials to teachers and administrators that highlight how Active Academics can help them meet state mandated policies regarding physical activity.

McDowell CHOICES Project

This project is a USDA and Highmark Foundation funded 2-year county initiative to promote physical activity opportunities through a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program approach in all 11 schools.

FH Referral Lipid Clinics

Clinics are held monthly in Morgantown, Wheeling, Lewisburg, Beckley and Summersville