Currently completing the 18th year of screening, the CARDIAC Project has provided cardiovascular risk education and intervention among children aged 15 years and younger. Between 1998 and 2016 more than 20,000 kindergarten, 91,000 second, 99,000 fifth, 1,030 ninth and 444 eighth graders have been screened through in the CARDIAC Project. An additional 5,414 parents and 1,525 school staff have received free fasting lipid profiles to assess their personal risk.

Of the fifth grade students 18.7% of all children were overweight and an additional 28.4% were obese. Over twenty-five percent (25.1%) had abnormal blood lipids, called dyslipidemia. A total of five percent (5%) of children had a rash on the back of the neck (Acanthosis Nigricans) indicative of possible insulin resistance.